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Night Vision Camera Have No Vision at Night?

Night Vision Camera Have No Vision at Night?

When investing in night vision cameras, many home and business owners are dissatisfied with the image they get at night time.  A lot of times this has to do with the camera manufacturer over promising on the night vision range, and in turn, under delivering once the camera has already been installed and first seen at night by the customer.  I have seen the range be up to 50% less than what is advertised.  This is not fair to the consumer or the company reselling the cameras.

There IS a solution: IR illuminator(s)

The image below shows the power an IR illuminator can have on the view of your home or business at night.

night vision cameras ir illuminators

IR illuminators are very inexpensive, require very little power and will make a huge difference in the view you experience at night time.  It is best to mount the IR illuminator near the camera (above, below or on either side).  You will have to angle the view of the IR illuminator at night time, until you get a satisfactory night vision view.

BONUS: Don’t have a night vision camera?  IR illuminators will work with non-night vision cameras, as long as they have an IR cut filter.

Did I miss an IR illuminator benefit or night vision tactic? Please write a comment below and share your night vision expertise.

Security Camera Installation Checklist

Security Camera Installation Checklist

security camera installation checklistInstallers, integrators and solution providers need a comprehensive checklist when performing a site walk for a security camera solution. Below, you will find a checklist made to help keep a site survey more structured and organized. If you would like to download the PDF version of this checklist, you can download it here: Security Camera Installation Checklist

Security Camera Installation Checklist

Customer Info

Company:	________________________
Name:		________________________
Address:	________________________
Phone #:	________________________
Email:		________________________

Camera Info

# of Indoor Cameras:		________________________
# of Outdoor Cameras:		________________________
# of Stories (Building):	________________________

Remote Viewing:			□ Yes  □ No
Type of Cable Needed:		□ Network  □ Coax
Conduit Required:		□ Yes  □ No
Existing CCTV Cabling?:		□ Yes  □ No


Composition of Building:

[ ] Brick
[ ] Stone
[ ] Wood
[ ] Concrete
[ ] Metal
[ ] Combination
[ ] Other ___________________

Man Lift Needed:

□ Yes □ No


Type of Ceiling:

[ ] Drop Ceiling
[ ] Open Ceiling
[ ] Sheetrock Ceiling
[ ] Other _______________

Height of Interior Ceilings:

[ ] 1-12 feet
[ ] 13-19 feet
[ ] 20-29 feet
[ ] 30+ feet


Cable Lengths:

Average Cable Length:	___________ feet
Longest Cable Length:	___________ feet

Length of Installation:

# of Days:		___________

Job Info

Installer: 	___________________
Job #:		___________________
Date Walked: 	___________________