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Security Camera Mounting Tips

Security Camera Mounting Tips

security camera mounting tipsWhen investing in a security camera solution, there are many questions that can come up. One that I hear most often is, “Where should I put my cameras to get the best coverage?” Below, I will uncover some camera mounting tips that will save you time, money and headaches.

  • Entrance/Exit Areas – This is how people get in to your home or business and, more importantly, this is how they leave your home or business. Mounting a camera above an entrance/exit area that will give you a good clear visual on who is coming and going is highly recommended.
  • Areas of Importance – If you have a room or area that has valuables or is of high importance, it is highly recommended to put a camera viewing the area of importance.
  • High Traffic Areas – It is recommended to put a camera (or cameras) up in high traffic areas or areas that will have multiple people. This could include a lobby, sales floor, shipping/receiving dock, etc.
  • Parking Lot/Driveway – There is a lot that can happen in a parking lot (for a business) or a driveway (for a home). It is recommended to have cameras viewing these areas. If your budget allows, you might also consider putting up LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras at the entrance/exit area of your parking lot to capture license plates of people who are coming onto and leaving your property. Technology is available now that will allow you to trigger an alert or set off an alarm if a license plate comes onto the property that you banned. This could be a shoplifter, ex-employee, etc.

BONUS: Megapixel IP cameras provide a higher resolution and more clarity than analog cameras. In many cases, you can use one megapixel IP camera in place of multiple analog cameras.

Mounting cameras correctly to get the right view of your home or business is critical to getting the desired footage, if something were to happen.

Did I miss a mounting tip? Please write a comment below and share your camera mounting tips.